Doosan NEW D25S-7 Diesel Forklift

Doosan NEW D25S-7 Diesel Forklift


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Doosan D25S-7 Diesel Forklift

2500kg Lift Capacity

3.3m Lift height

Integrated Side Shift


Doosan D25S-7 Diesel Forklift

2500kg Lift Capacity

3.3m Lift height

Intergrated Side Shift

Operator Compartment

The newly designed operator compartment provides optimal comfort and productivity. Spacious Operator Compartment with lots of leg room. Ergonomically located pedals. 

The ergonomically designed overhead guard and cabin offer great visibility and safety. 

Low cowl height for better visibility. 

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

This systems avoids any unintended forklift movements when the operator is not seated. 

Counterweight & Cooling

The newly designed counterweight shows Doosan's 7-Series design identity and allows better airflow to maximise the cooling capacity. 

Powerful Engine 

Powerful and market proven engine: Doosan D24 Euro Stage IIIB Engine 

Engine Hood

The rigid steel engine hood with a wide open angle provides excellent accessibility to service components. 

Hydrostatic Steer Axel

The Doosan 7-Series steer axle provides smooth steering control and durability. 

High Adjustable Steering Colour

The steering column is infinitely adjustable. 

New Instrument Panel

The easily readable, integrated instrument panel provides a clear overview of the truck’s status. 

Rigid Drive-axle with ODB

The solid one-piece cast iron housing and J-hook mounts for the mast enhances reliability for low maintenance cost.
Oil-cooled Disc Brakes (ODB) are totally enclosed and contained in a sealed unit for maximum protection against contamination. This reduces maintenance and repair time, as well as costs. 

High Powered, Fuel Efficient Engine 

The Doosan D24NAP diesel engine is built with ULPC (Ultra Low PM Combustion) technologies to meet Euro Stage IIIB emission regulations. It provides powerful performance and excellent fuel efficiency. 

OIl-Cooled Disc Breaks

The oil-cooled disc brake system is totally enclosed, for maximum protection against contamination. This maintenance free brakes system ensures maximum uptime, less damage, and zero cost for you. 

Power Shift Transmission

The market proven power shift transmission modulates precisely clutch oil pressure, for smooth forward and reverse directional changes, to prevent damage to the trans- mission and make the forklift more durable. 

Enhanced Cooling System 

The combination of a large capacity radiator and optimized airflow in the counterweight design enhances reliability and durability of the truck and increases uptime in heavy duty applications. 

ECO Mode

The operator can easily change the driving mode by a switch on the dashboard. The ECO mode will reduce the fuel consumption by an additional 5% compared to STD mode. 

Limp Home Mode

This mode is checking the transmission oil or engine coolant temperatures and limits truck’s performance when the temperature is too high. This protects transmission and engine from failure. 

Mast Visibility

The neatly arranged hydraulic hoses and chains enhance wide front visibility while keeping the strength and rigidity. 

Tilt Cylinder Cover

The Tilt Cylinders are covered neatly, to avoid any hindrance to the operator. Furthermore, the Tilt Cylinder Cover creates additional space at the floor of the operator compartment. 

Easy Entry Grab Bar and Anti Slip Step Plate

Enables easy entry and exit. The wide anti slip step plates ensure the operator’s safety in all weather conditions. 

Optimised Components Location 

All components such as seats, switches, instrument panel, levers and pedals are ergonomically designed and located to provide optimal comfort to the operator. 

Rear Grab bar with Horn

The horn button on the Rear Grab Bar enhances the comfort and safety while travelling
in reverse, by enabling the operator to sound the horn while maintaining full control of the vehicle. 

Optimal Visibility

The low profile dashboard and the precisely designed overhead guard profile with pressed roof provide a clear view upwards whilst ensuring ultimate strength for safety. 

Fully Adjustable Operator Compartment

The steering column and seat position are fully adjustable to fit the individual preferences of each operator. 

Panoramic Mirror

The panoramic mirrors offer additional safety, to reduce accidents and unnecessary damage to the truck, products or rack system. 

Anti-Cinch Type Seat Belt

This provides not only comfort, but also safety to operator, thanks to the function which is not locking in the normal operation and working conditions, but only in case of an accident. 

Ground Speed Control

The travel speed can be limited to 8, 10 or 15 km/h. Ground Speed Control reduces the risk on accidents due to unadjusted speed. 

Seat Belt Interlock

The forklift will not move without fastened seat belt. The tilt, lift and lowering functions are disabled if the seat belt is not fastened. 

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