Doosan NEW G70S-7 Gas Forklift

Doosan NEW G70S-7 Gas Forklift


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Doosan New G70S-7 Gas Forklift

7000kg Load Capacity

3.3m Lift Height



Doosan New G70S-7 Gas Forklift

7000kg Load Capacity

3.3m Lift Height Well proven and reliable Doosan PSI engines and components

The superior engine performance is driven by an ECU that intergrates and coordinates all critical functions including: governor, variable ignition timing, air-fuel ratio control and engine protection.

Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes

This enclosed brake system eliminates outside contamination, significantly extending the brake life by up to 5 times compared to conventional shoe brakes.

Well-tested load-sensing hydraulic system

All Doosan forklifts are equipped with a proven load-sensing hydraulic system, which provides increased fuel efficiency and better overall performance.


Operator Sensing System (OSS)

The truck will not move without an operator in the seat.

The lift and lower function is disabled if the operator is not in the seat.

The tilt function will be locked if no operator is in the seat.

An alarm will sound if the operator leaves the seat without applying the parking brake.

The seatbelt warning light on dashboard reminds the operator to fasten his seat belt.

Optimum Pedal System (OPS)

This Pedal System will reduce the operator's fatigue and provide the best driving experience. Especially, the new electronic accelerator will provide the operator with secure and exact speed control.

Comfortable & Convenient Operator Compartment

Designed to provide greater rigidity and comfort, the Zeus Cabin offers an outstanding visibility, clear dashboard and high quality interior, along with excellent heating and air conditioning system.

D60S-7 Highlights

Superb performance and high power output, thanks to the PSI 4.3L LPG Engine.

Rugged reliability has been a major part of Doosan's ethos for all of its products and the new 7-Series is no different.

A strong and rigid chassis frame along with more metal than plastic design ensures that Doosan is the best choice for your application.

Virtually maintenance-free Oil Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB).

Fuel efficiency improvement : 20% compared to previous model.

The new Zeus Cabin provides a wide front view and excellent comfort to the operator.

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