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Charge ahead with lead acid and lithium-ion batteries

4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre



The reliable, straight-forward and affordable solution. Every time.

  • Robust design
  • Range of forks and carriages
  • Operator-friendly design
  • Efficient handling
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Choose between lead acid or lithium-ion batteries
  • Logistics
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Right truck. Right price. Right application.

Hyster® J1.5-3.0UT(L) electric counterbalance forklift trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and deliver exceptional reliability at every turn. Available with lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, lift heights up to 6000mm, lift capacities from 1,500kg up to 3,000kg, travel speeds up to 16km/h and a range of standard features and options.

The design of the J1.5-3.5UT range has been engineered with the driver in mind. The ergonomically designed operator compartment, with a familiar layout, means that drivers will be able to work effortlessly. 

The overhead guard features profiled steel, with high strength materials to enhance reliability and operator protection.

The wide view mast can significantly improve the operator’s forward field of view,
providing an increase in comfort and safety.

The mast design also allows good visibility of the load and forks thanks to a wide mast window and neatly routed hoses.

A choice of forks and carriages is available, including integral side shift carriages to make load handling easy and convenient.

The conveniently positioned low step provides easy access to the truck.

The adjustable steering wheel position provides convenience for the operator as it provides 8 degrees of adjustment. Low steering effort makes it easy to operate in confined spaces.

The operator compartment offers a practical and comfortable working environment with controls within easy reach to help reduce operator fatigue.

The latest colour display integrated with functions such as performance selection allows the operator to configure the truck to meet different application requirements.

The compact structure of the drive system provides adequate access for maintenance. Precision cut gears are incorporated, leading to reduced wear and lower noise levels.

High quality hydraulic cylinders with hard chrome rods reduce seal wear for long life. A full-flow, low pressure filter on the return line keeps the hydraulic oil clean, which helps to minimise seal and pump wear.

In addition, this keeps the control valve in good condition, leading to low service costs.

From alarms and digital battery indicators to hour meters and error codes, the 4.3-inch LCD display provides operators all the key data they need at a glance.

Virtually maintenance free components such as brushless AC motors mean that the electrics require a full service check only after 1 000 hours.

Introducing Lithium-ion batteries and corresponding chargers with opportunity charging capabilities. The li-ion battery solution is a bolted in battery box underneath the seat which can be easily removed.

The benefits include:

  • Zero battery maintenance requirements
  • Consistent power delivery
  • Opportunity charging
  • Range of choices including 250Ah/375Ah/500Ah
  • Long battery life
  • Full charge in less than three hours
  • Battery side charging port
  • Battery can be removed and replaced with a lead acid battery